We Finance, Collaborate, Advise And SupportBlockchain Projects Towards Sustainable Success

We offer global marketing strategies that encompass world class KOLs, customized visual content support from top tier artists, strategic advisory and know-how for top tier projects. This gives Squares Capital advantage when it comes to generating value for our partners.

Our Mission

As drivers of the blockchain ecosystem, we know intimately the challenges you are facing in such a fast-evolving business environment.
We will identify your project’s critical points, build a strong and supportive partnership whilst boosting your performance to the next level.

Our Vision

Leveraging our strategic resources, extensive network and proven expertise, we want to unleash your startup’s true potential and help you become a leader in this historic paradigm shift, hand in hand with Squares Capital.

How we
Do it

A team of seasoned crypto veterans at your disposal.
Our crew has been thoroughly selected to bring together the best talent possible. Our in-depth knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and combined experience makes Squares Capital your ultimate partner to develop all your ideas.
Our talent consists of spotting yours.
Our team is focused on a single goal: finding the best projects at early stages. We know exactly what to look for, where to look and how to look. Our experience in R&D gives us an advantage in spotting untapped talent and empowering projects to help them reach their full potential.
Working with us implies daring to be unique.
The backbone of Squares Capital success takes a singular approach: obliterate industry-standard group-think. In short, Thinking outside the box. In such a disruptive industry, only those who dare to be true pioneers will thrive. To do so, an unconventional marketing ideology is required: we aim to disrupt legacy marketing efforts. After all, this is the crypto realm.
We believe in the power of community.
Community is the keystone of any successful project. Without it, your idea will lack the fuel to take off. With us, you will build a unique community around your product, a place to be heard, where members have a voice. We will help you forge an unshakable sense of identity and representation with your audience. Our strategies will help you attract users, make them fall in love with your project and improve their lives in a meaningful way.
We pool diversified talent to boost your efficiency.
At Squares Capital, we entrust the management of certain aspects of your development program to individuals with varied skillsets, a strong work ethic and the creativity needed to make you stand out from the crowd: our ambassadors. Hand-picked from the best candidates and orchestrated by our team, the ambassadors are responsible for growing your community, developing new marketing strategies and making your project reach wider audience. Experts in audience engagement will encourage content creation and awareness spreading among social media channels.